Watertown Excessive Actor switches to the display screen | information

Watertown High School Theater Company’s Purple Tiger Theater is hosting a film version of “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” which premieres this month at the city’s Stardust Drive-in Theater.

Rather than sticking to William Shakespeare’s script, theater teacher and show director Eddie Pope said the show was called “Watertown’s Midsummer Dream.”

A professional company filmed a show on location in town. The plot is similar to Shakespeare’s play, but instead of a show for the Duke, there is a show for WHS Director Darien Brown’s birthday, the Pope said.

“(We) use a modern language, but it is set in Watertown. You can hear stories about local sights and locals, ”said the Pope.

The film version of the show, shot in early May, will premiere on Thursday, May 20 at the Stardust Drive-in Theater. Admission is $ 5 per person.

“WOMAN. This year the Pope has done a great job thinking outside the box and trying to find a way for students to do it, but it still falls under the COVID guidelines,” Brown said “This is another example of how she found a way to stay within guidelines but gave her students the opportunity to do what they wanted.”

The Pope said there would be a red carpet event right before the show.

The Pope said it was not uncommon for theater to take place outside of the theater.

“We were looking for something off the beaten path,” she added. “Not standardized for dealing with the COVID-19 situation. There are many very talented people in our church.

“In particular, there’s a woman named Ruby Guidara, the art director of Hollywood film and video production. She contacts us with the right people and learns new skills outside of my wheelhouse. He kindly agreed to help us by helping us. “

Rachel Jones, who plays Cobweb, says playing a movie piece is “exciting because it’s something I’ve never done before and it’s much more physical for a fairy.”

“When we tell people what we’re doing, we’re saying it’s the fictional world and the real world where we meet their intersection,” said Lean Green, who plays the puck. “My character can do all the pranks in the world.”

In the previous semester, the actors played a small sketch of prominent personalities in the history of Watertown during a Christmas parade in the square.

“This gave students a new perspective on Watertown and how it became today’s city and town,” Brown said. Then this spring she hit upon the idea of ​​using drive-ins to get students to perform on the big screen. “

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