The President of the Iowa State Crew Membership discusses the capsizing of the Illinois Information boat

AMES, Iowa (AP) – The President of the State of Iowa Student Crew Club said winds that were predicted to stay low suddenly came up and capsized a boat before the crew could return to shore, the final one Week two crew members were killed.

Yaakov Ben-David, 20, a sophomore from Washington, DC, and Derek Nanni, 19, a freshman from Normal, Illinois, drowned in the March 28 accident at Little Wall Lake, Hamilton County.

Crew Club president Alexis Aurandt said the forecast that day was for winds of 11-14 mph, which would blow up to 17 mph later in the morning. The rules of the crew state that the club should not row if the wind is stronger than 14 mph. So the members decided to go to the lake to check the conditions, she said in a statement to WHO-TV on Saturday.

The lake was “like glass” near the shore with small waves everywhere else when the crew arrived, she said.

The boat was launched around 8:45 a.m., and around 9:30 a.m. the winds suddenly picked up causing 1-foot waves around the boat, she said.

Aurandt, who was the helmsman of the crew, instructed them to turn and go ashore. If the boat was perpendicular to the waves, a wave went underneath.

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