The Illinois Senator needs to cancel the gun identification program

Ill. (WEHT) – Legislators are of the opinion that a backlog of unprocessed firearms violates the rights of residents. Now Republican Senator Darren Bailey has tabled a bill to abolish the state’s Firearm Owners IDentification (FOID) program.

Bailey’s legislation, Senate Bill 1948, would repeal the FOID law and remove the FOID requirements in other parts of state law.

According to Bailey, the permits were once used to prevent people with a criminal background from getting a weapon through a series of extensive background checks.

“The state was unable or unwilling to keep up with FOID card applications, making the program a major barrier for law-abiding gun owners. It is time to repeal the FOID and restore people’s God-given constitutional rights, ”said Senator Bailey.

The bill is currently assigned to the Firearms Subcommittee of the Senate Executive Committee.

(This story was originally published April 7, 2021.)

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