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Singer Cody Simpson was in the spotlight ahead of the Australian Olympic Swimming Trial. Maddy Grove withdrew from the six-day meeting after a series of social media posts accused the sport of “misogyny perverted”.

Groves did not reveal details of their allegations, which appeared to have been exposed over the past year. Swimming Australia President Kieren Perkins said he was trying to reach two Olympic silver medalists.

“We had an ongoing dialogue that Maddy created through social media. We will contact her in September 2020 and speak to her about her concerns. I tried that, ”Perkins told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Friday. “We have now done it again, but unfortunately we are currently speaking directly to Maddy to understand exactly what her concerns are and who the people involved are. Couldn’t be treated. “

Gloves, who won the silver medal in the 200-meter butterfly and relay at the 2016 Olympics, said he plans to remove the Twitter app after posting. Expect them to represent you so you can earn your annual bonus.

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Gloves tweeted last year complaining to swimmers about how they “look at me in my bathing suit” and expressing concern that the anti-doping process and treatment for athletes is becoming a long-term illness. ..

Former swimmer Perkins, a two-time 1,500 meter Olympic gold medalist, told ABC Television that it was important to make sure athletes in all sports are supported and protected. I am still directly connected to us. “

Veteran swimmer Mitch Larkin, a gloved teammate on the Rio team, said the claim “broke my heart a bit”.

“I want to find out if she has a problem and make sure it’s at the root,” said Larkin in Adelaide, South Australia, where the Olympic trials will begin on Saturday. “We have a person in charge of the athlete’s integrity and a person in charge of happiness. She can certainly talk to them and the sportsmanship and go into the roots of these problems.

“And if there is a cultural problem, we definitely want to change it.”

Swimming is Australia’s hottest Olympic sport and regularly wins most of Australia’s medals. So the exam is a big issue.

Musicians, actors, and aspiring Olympic Simpsons all contributed to the hype. He moved to the US in 2010 and was a successful junior swimmer before entering the music scene.


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In a sponsored promotional video, he joked that now that he has returned to swimming, he has a very different lifestyle. He was a performer and slept at 5 a.m. but said he was up and practicing at that time.

This month, Simpson, 24, starred on Amazon’s original series “Head Above Water” with Australia’s best swimmer and current mentor, Ian Thorpe. Simpson is 13th in the 100m butterfly, 100 freestyle, and he admits he likely has better prospects for the 2024 Olympics. The 100 free starting heat on Tuesday.

The 100-free Olympic champions Kyle Chalmers and Bronte Campbell are also part of the Head Above Water series and are more likely to play in the pool.

Chalmers suffered a severe shoulder injury last November that required surgery, but said he would give himself a perfect fitness grade by the start of the race. ..

“When you race you have to believe that you are in the best shape of your life,” he said.

Another difference between this preparation and his accumulation in Rio is the profile of Chalmers.

“It leads to Rio… I could definitely fly under the radar.” “Now there are people who always take pictures of me, ask for signatures, sponsorship promises, documentation. The list makes me do different things. “

Campbell knows her competition because she can win two places at the Olympics in the women’s 100 freestyle. Setting up an Australian team at this event is like setting up an Olympic final.

She meets her sister Kate and Emma McKeon, who set the fastest time of the year.

“I have to find a way to defeat at least one of them,” she said.

The Australian team in Tokyo will be announced on Thursday on the final night of the Adelaide trial.

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