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At around 1:57 p.m. on March 11, 2002, Illinois state police said a skeletal human was found near 23 miles on Interstate 70 (eastbound) near Collinsville, Illinois. Responds to complaints. The complaint arose when a nearby Illinois Department of Transportation officer found the body.

The body was removed from the scene and taken to Moog, Madison County, Edwardsville, Illinois, where it was inspected on March 12, 2002 (5’3 “which is believed to be the most accurate).

There are no guidelines for weight and the approximate age is between 24 and 30 years. The bodies are believed to have been stored in this location for approximately 4-6 months. The body was almost completely intact and wore gray Second Skins branded shorts with rhinestones (size: medium) and a red and white checked Tommy Hilfiger button-down shirt (size: XL). It was. A “golden” male-style nugget ring made of two glass stones was also found in the remains. The ring originally held four stones in the setting. The ring is considered a costume jewelery and is 7 1/4 in size. Two bracelets were also found. A bracelet is a metal hoop about 3 inches in diameter that is smooth on one side and grooved on the other. The channel bracelet is provided with a ring made of black onyx pearls with elastic bands. The second bracelet is a combination of three separate bracelets. The second bracelet has a number of plastic beads (yellow, green, black, purple, brown) that are tied together with a thin elastic cord that can be stretched. The three separate bracelets were gathered in an oval metal ring with a small hole at one end that looked like a pendant to hang on.

On June 18, 2002, the Illinois State Police released a computer-reproduced image of the victim of a black woman that was first discovered on March 11, 2002.

If you have information about the victim’s identity or mortality, please contact the Illinois State Police, Zone 6 Survey (618 / 346-3782) or Climb Stopper (1-866-371-TIPS (8477)). ..

Storms scattered across central Illinois | Local

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