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ROSCOE – Six people are running for three seats on the Roscoe Village Board in the April 6 election.

Three current board members – Stacy Mallicoat, Susan Petty and Justin Plock – will compete against challengers Scott Richarson, Rebecca Carlson and enrolled candidate Robert Baxter.

Robert Baxter, 60, is a recognized candidate for village government. His name will not appear on the ballot, but voters can write his name on the ballot if they want to vote for him.

He has lived in Roscoe for 23 years. Prior to that, he served two terms on the Roscoe Village Board – from 2011 to 2019.

He is a teacher at Auburn High School in Rockford. He has two daughters – Chloe and Brenna.

When asked why he was running for a place on the village board, he said he wanted to make sure there was a voice to support the people on the board.

“I’ve always thought I was someone who was always looking for the best interests of the community,” he said. “Someone who gets up and says no when needed. There has to be a couple of checks and balances at the village authorities. “

Rebecca Carlson, who said she was over 50, has lived in Roscoe for 20 years. She and her husband have children, but they are adults.

She works for the Harlem School District and has attended several Roscoe Village Board meetings.

She said she was running for village authority because she believes the authority needs new blood and the village should look for ways to save money.

“It got to the point where the village is slipping off some important things,” Carlson said.

She said she was not in favor of the village president and board members getting pay increases and she was not in favor of so many gambling establishments in the village.

Stacy Mallicoat, 48, is ending his third term on the village council.

He has lived in the Roscoe area all his life. He and his wife Heidi have a son, Zac.

He is a mechanical engineer at BBS Automation.

“During my tenure on the board, we have made great strides in terms of public safety, the creation and maintenance of outdoor recreational spaces, and our transportation infrastructure. All of this makes Roscoe a better place to live, ”said Mallicoat. “There is still a lot to do with the next four years in mind.”

He wants to seek funding to repair roads, prepare more land for development, and attract more businesses and people to the community.

Susan K. Petty, 67, is completing her third term on the Roscoe Village Board. She served on the village council for 12 years.

She is retired but has worked in newspaper advertising, as an employee and as a legal advisor to a senator and a state representative. She attended Western Illinois University for three years. She moved to Roscoe in 2004.

She is running for a fourth semester to continue the work that was started in her previous semesters.

“I would like to see some projects done,” she said.

She said some projects she is proud to have been involved in include expanding the sewer lines to the American aluminum extrusion property along McCurry Road. She said the village must work with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and the company to make the project a reality.

“Well, that’s a thriving business,” she said.

She is also happy that the sewer lines have been extended all the way to the freeway and she would like to see this area continue to develop in the future.

30-year-old Justin Plock was appointed to the village administration in 2019. He has lived in Roscoe for most of his life, attending schools in the Roscoe area.

He and his wife Mandi have three children. He works as a machine operator for Northern Illinois Service in Rockford. He is a graduate of Jefferson High School in Rockford.

Plock said he was running for village administration because he wanted to work for community improvement.

“I like parks and recreation because I have a young family,” he said.

He noted that he was working to secure 600 tons of donated material that was used for the walking trail in Chicary Ridge Park.

Scott Richardson is also running for village administration. He could not be reached by the Beloit Daily News. Before that, he had served on the village council for eight years.

His last term ended in 2009.

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