SC Home OK’s invoice permits weapons to be carried brazenly with out permission | Illinois Information

“Unfortunately, we are in a place where the powerful are making decisions to harm the powerless,” said Richland County’s Democrat Wendy Brawley.

Republicans voted to table a handful of amendments, from one that could repeal the state law that allows residents to defend themselves with deadly force if they feel they are suffering from great bodily harm, to a proposal that does so provides would legalize duels.

“I suggest we … go out in the middle of Assembly Street and just shoot them down,” said Democratic MP Cezar McKnight.

York County’s Democrat John King introduced a change that allows people to carry guns on all public property – including the statehouse, where guns are currently banned.

Caskey called the proposal a “poison pill” that would violate federal school-free zone restrictions. Bamberg countered that the legislature had just passed an amendment according to which the state did not have to comply with federal regulations. The legislature has also submitted this amendment.

One Republican, Rep. Bart Blackwell, spoke out against the bill, citing the lack of training requirements: “The current gun laws that we have in the state are the best in the nation and they must stay that way.”

State law enforcement officials have warned of an expansion of the state’s gun laws, saying it could lead to more gun violence and domestic murders in a state often ranked as one of the worst in the country for such violence. They said fights could escalate to shootings more quickly in open conditions and such a law would make it difficult for police to find out who is committing a crime.

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