Save a Lot passes the award on to COPE | to help information

For at least the last three holiday seasons, the Metropolis Save a Lot store has been offering bags for a brighter holiday that customers can use to support COPE Food Pantry.

During the 2020 holiday season from November to December, these customers bought 451 of the pre-assembled grocery bags.

This participation was recognized.

Of the nearly 50 stores in its regional corporation, the Metropolis store received a bronze plaque for its participation and was chosen as the regional recipient of $ 250 for a store’s choice of charity – making bags an effort for a brighter vacation, the COPE has supported again.

COPE will use the $ 250 check to buy groceries and supplies for the pantry.

“That helps us and them,” remarked COPE President Gene Tilker.

“Everyone scores with it,” said store manager Layla Turner. “We have it to help you and you will give it back.”

On site, the Metropolis Save a Lot is owned by Houchens Industries, Inc. The general manager is Darryl Watson.

Nationwide, 718 Save A Lot stores took part in the “Bags for a Brighter Vacation” program for 2020. Across the country, 185,481 purchased groceries were donated – that is, groceries valued at over $ 830,000. To further increase the impact of the program, Save A Lot has combined fundraising efforts for more than 200 best-selling stores with a financial contribution to the partner charity of each store totaling nearly $ 105,000 in additional local support.

“We are humble with the success of our bags for a brighter vacation program this year, especially what will be a most challenging year,” said Kenneth McGrath, CEO of Save a Lot. “We really saw communities come together and support families in need. That’s what this program is about. It is a real expression of the generosity and support of each of our valued customers, and we cannot thank them enough for helping local families in need when it matters most. “

As a company, 2020 marked the fifth year Save a Lot held bags for a better vacation program. In 2019, Save A Lot customers donated 82,676 bags – groceries valued at more than $ 411,000 – to help families in need.

Turner noted that a lot of work goes into making the bags for COPE, but it’s all worth it.

“This award means a lot to me and my crew – in the end, a lot of hard work paid off. I like to help the community, especially COPE. It warms my heart to do things like that, ”she said. “We’ll do it again this year.”

The donation follows a grant COPE received to increase cold food storage.

Working with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois and Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH), the Southern Illinois Food Pantry Network awarded equipment grants to provide a refrigerator or freezer to improve the storage of perishable cold foods so that multiple pantries, including COPE, Fresh produce can offer healthy food to its customers.

There are 95 pantries in the lower 16 counties in the state. The Southern Illinois Food Pantry Network is committed to reducing hunger and improving the health and well-being of communities through access to healthy and nutritious food, education, resources, and advocacy. By assigning donations from partner organizations, they help transform the lives of residents affected by food insecurity in southern Illinois. More information is available at

Donations to COPE can be sent to COPE, PO Box 461, Metropolis, IL 62960.

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