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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California replaced the mask after a press conference held on Capitol Hill in Washington on Thursday, May 13, 2021.

Republicans rebel against mask requirements in house chambers

Republican MP Marjorie Taylor Greene and Republican staff will meet at the Washington Capitol on Thursday, May 13 to replace Liz Cheney, who was expelled from the Republican leadership on Wednesday. .., 2021. Republicans will vote for the new chairman of the House Republican Conference on Friday morning.

Republicans rebel against mask requirements in house chambers

Rep. Chiproy arrives at the Republican House Conference to replace Liz Cheney, who was banned from the Republican leadership for criticizing former President Donald Trump. Friday, May 14, 2021 at the Washington Capitol.

KEVIN PREKING AP communication

Washington (AP) – Republicans Revolt Demanding that they wear a mask on the floor of the house Despite these tensions, tensions arise with the majority of Democrats who refuse to change the rules. Updated guidelines from the federal health authorities.

Republicans decided to keep their masks off during Tuesday’s vote, and some warned viewers, colleagues and C-SPAN cameras to stand in the room’s fountains so they don’t miss them.

Your rebellion can come with financial sacrifice. Congressmen who refuse to wear it will be fined $ 500 for the first offense. Subsequent violations could result in a fine of $ 2,500. In reality, the gun guards warned of the first crime.

According to an Associate Press list, seven lawmakers are receiving such warnings: Congressman Lauren Bobert from Colorado, Thomas Massy from Kentucky, Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia, Texas. Chip Roy, Virginia, Bob Good, Virginia, Loei Gomart, Texas and Mary Miller, Illinois.

Three others have already been warned and will be fined $ 500. They are Brian Mast from Florida, Marianet Miller Meeks from Iowa, and Beth Van Duin from Texas. Any additional violation will result in a $ 2,500 fine.

Republican rebel mask requirements in house chambers | Iowa News

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