Planting forward of schedule for farmers in central Illinois


Planting ahead of schedule for farmers in central Illinois

A central Illinois farmer who started planting Saturday is pleased to be ahead of schedule.

Evan Marr farms 4,000 acres of corn and soybeans near Jacksonville.

“Things are actually looking very good, especially when you compare it to last year and what we’ve had to do with amounts of moisture and the like. We really have some great conditions, if anything it might just be a little dry. “

He says they started a corn planter on Saturday and started another soybean grow on Monday – a logistical strategy that has proven beneficial to them in recent years.

“We’ve seen really good results with our beans planted early, but we also want to try to get our corn as soon as possible. We don’t have large drying facilities for our corn – we store a lot in bins, but everything is air dry. So we don’t start peeling corn very early when it’s wet. The faster we get beans into the ground now, the faster we can cut beans in the fall while our corn is drying out. “

With a favorable short-term weather forecast, Marr expects many acres to be planted in his area over the next several weeks.

Interview with Evan Marr

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