Organizer: Controversy over survivors scrapping Tulsa’s occasion | Illinois Information

“The agreement was to receive a response to every request by (Tuesday). It did not happen. “

Solomon Simmons represents the survivors and their descendants. Tulsa City Trial Other defendants seeking redress for the destruction of the once prosperous black district.

Commission chairman Senator Kevin Matthews met with Solomon Simmons and other representatives of the survivors. The commission then paid each of the three survivors $ 100,000 in a compensation fund. He agreed to provide $ 2 million in seed capital. ..

“We were thrilled to raise money and the survivors would receive these gifts,” said Matthews. “Unfortunately, they contacted us on Sunday and pro survivors. The amount of $ 100,000 in gifts has been increased to $ 1 million. They asked for $ 2 million, $ 50 million, or $ 50 million in seed capital. We could not meet this demand. . “

“To be clear, I really want survivors, descendants and other affected people to receive financial and spiritual support, but this is not the way to go.”

Solomon said the $ 50 million figure is by no means an indisputable claim.

The comment message left by representatives of Legend and Abrams has not been returned.

Organizer: Controversy over survivors scrapping Tulsa’s event | Illinois News

Source Link Organizer: Controversy Over Survivors Scrapping Tulsa’s Event | Illinois News

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