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Shake a little this week and enjoy harnessing the knowledge and expertise of many others. Much is written about communication. Communication is central to community transformation efforts. This cannot be overstated. Let’s sum up this important topic by combining my comments with famous quotes.

One of the biggest communication problems in our community is the lack of communication when needed. George Bernard Shaw once said: “The only biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it happened.” Don’t assume everyone knows. Always assume that you missed an important person.

Do you need quality of life and a lively community? Tony Robbins said, “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines our quality of life.” .. To reach your full potential as a community, you must communicate openly, honestly and directly. When the community is transparent in communication, the entire community can go in the same direction.

Do not confuse the information used to communicate with the assumption that effective communication is taking place. We can always provide information, but real communication includes returns and exchanges that show understanding. Sydney J. Harris said: Information is being distributed. Communication is possible. “

Maya Angelou said, “People forget what you said and did, but they have learned that people never forget how you feel. Building a community. Never forget that building aliveness, mind and soul is everything. The real change comes when you persuade people to return to the community after visiting. Because of the emotions they experienced while spending time in your community.

The surest path to success is to have everyone sing the same hymn, so to speak. Garrison Win said, “There is no communication until you feel like the other person is listening.” The same goes for building a community. All groups should be represented, all groups should be actively involved and all groups should be understood and understood.

Dale Carnegie said, “There are four ways to get in touch with the world and there are only four ways. What we do, how we look, what we say, how we say it. As you can see, two of these processes revolve around effective communication. The more effectively you communicate your goals and initiatives, the more likely a successful transformation is in your community.

Don’t rule out community leadership, one of the most important elements of community transformation. Remember that community leadership goes well beyond city and government leaders. This includes companies, citizens, churches, young people and many other leaders in various positions. Gil Amelio said, “Developing good communication skills is essential to effective leadership. Managers need to be able to share their knowledge and ideas in order to convey their urgency and enthusiasm to others. Hm. There is no point in having a message if the leader cannot convey the message clearly and motivate others to respond. “We go one step further, in the words of Nitin Nohria. For example, “Communication is the real job of leadership”.

Finally, in tackling the large-scale task of real change and transformation, it is important to face obstacles and obstacles directly. The biggest mistake the community makes is to underestimate the task at hand. There is nothing worse than doing everything you want to do because you don’t understand the real work you are about to do. Harbhajan Singh Yogi said best when he said, “Speak from a neutral mind, not from a positive or negative mind.”

One of the most effective tools we need to use is better communication because we know what we know about change and the resistance that comes with it. Communicate as needed. Tell your story through newspapers, social media, traditional and non-traditional media. Create consistent, regular press releases with all the tools at your disposal. Don’t leave it indiscriminate in this part of the plan. Those who can communicate their mission can cope much better with this task of change and the revitalization of the inner city.

John A. Newbie is the author of Building Main Street, Not Wall Street, a column in which communities and media companies work together to not only survive but thrive in a world where real locals are being lost to Amazon. Help-out Facebook groups, Wall Street chains, and more. His email address: [email protected] ..

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