Nevada DMV: Downside laptop upgrades will probably be reimbursed to state information

Las Vegas (AP) – Nevada’s automotive sector is planning on driver reimbursement and instead is asking lawmakers to use state highway construction funds to pay for troubled computer modernization programs that I am about to ask.

Officials said the decision came after the Supreme Court withdrew the $ 1 per transaction fee, approved by lawmakers as unconstitutional in 2020.

Refund methods and schedules have not been made public. The driver was asked to make sure the DMV had the correct address

“The project, now known as DMV Transformation, is going according to plan,” said Kevin Malone, a spokesman for the automotive division. Said the Las Vegas Review Journal following the High Court’s verdict last Thursday. “This sector is looking for a Highway Trust budget to make up for that loss of income.”

Congress has allocated $ 59.6 million to complete the project over the next two fiscal years, and Malone is in an emergency because of a potential loss of approximately $ 14 million that Congressmen had predicted would lead to DMV technology fees. He said he approved the response plan.

The Supreme Court upheld the Republican Party, ruled Congress unconstitutional in 2019, and approved the extension of 2020 corporate taxes and fees by a simple democratic majority.

Nevada voters changed the state constitution in 1994, calling for two-thirds of the members of both chambers to approve measures to “generate, generate or increase all forms of public income.” Said.

DMV’s transaction surcharges put the government agencies ’20-year-old computer systems under the contract, which was at the center of allegations of corruption and government auditors’ discovery in 2017 that the project was poorly managed. It needed to be modernized. Contractor Tech Mahindra was laid off the following year.

According to reports from contractors hired to determine what went wrong with the state, the state used “unproven” technology to manage “nonexistent” projects in the DMV.

The 2019 Review Journal reported that DMV’s retired head Troy Dillard was working for Tech Mahindra at the same time as winning a $ 75 million contract.

The newspaper won the case of company director Brian Coffey for obstructing modernization by DMV employees if bribes were not paid.

The review journal reported that it spent $ 25 million on devices and technology that were not available.

No one was charged in the case, and the DMV employees involved in the contract continue to receive state salaries, Malone said.

Tech Mahindra’s spokesman and Tech Mahindra’s trial in the Coffey case denied corruption allegations.

The review journal reported that the company did not have to repay the money and the settlement prevented the process.

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