Native paramedics practice on the Illinois River

Peoria, Ill. (WMBD) – Area law enforcement officers gathered along the Illinois River for training Monday morning.

“This is a marine safety exercise. These should be done every three to four years, and it’s a joint exercise involving many different agencies, ”said Mike Johnson, chief of police for Fondue Lac Park. “So this is our SWAT team, the Central Illinois Response Team. The city of East Peoria, the parish of the Peoria Fire Department. The state TRT team. “

In the morning, I first looked at the riverboat floor plan and then practiced getting on a large, moving surface boat like the ghost of Peoria.

Riverboat crews also benefit from training while law enforcement practices pick up on the spirit of Peoria.

“We both have to do some serious security drills in the spirit of Peoria,” said Spirit from Peoria Captain / Owner Alex Greaves.

Later that day, authorities practiced the McCluge Bridge project and training scenarios for the underwater bomb threat.

All Monday training sessions are about how to deal with potentially dangerous situations that can affect river life and business.

“If the Illinois River closes it will have a huge impact on the region’s trade, so our goal is to keep the river open,” said Johnson.

And learn to work with other institutions to keep people safe.

“This is basically an opportunity for those institutions that cannot work together every day to come together and find out what our shortage is,” said Johnson.

Local paramedics train on the Illinois River

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