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The legendary photographer Chi Modu died at the age of 54.

News revealed by him on Saturday afternoon on official Instagram. The headline read, “Our heart is broken … we will keep fighting” and a post listing the years of his life and death. “At this point, families are demanding privacy.”

Chi Modu Responsible for creating some of the most iconic images in hip hop history. From the colorful portraits of Notorious BIG to the intimate look at Tupac Shakur, his legacy never disappears into the structure of culture.

A Nigerian-American photographer’s picture showed more than just a lifestyle. It was about telling a unique story that brings the viewer closer to the truth of his subject. From capturing legendary artists like Nas to traveling the world to recording the daily lives of people in Yemen and India, Chi is part of a series of works that put him in a legendary position. , Created a unique trail for yourself.

Read more about ChiModus career and impact here.

The legendary hip-hop photographer dies

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