Illinois stories $ 507.Three million in sports activities betting for Could

The Illinois Gaming Board reported a sports betting trade of nearly $ 507.3 million for May on Tuesday as the Prairie State claimed second place nationwide for the second straight month.

The handle was 5.6% lower than April’s total of nearly $ 537.2 million, but it was also the fifth straight month that Illinois bettors wagered more than $ half a billion on sporting events. The Prairie State once again led Nevada among legal sports betting jurisdictions, although the gap between the two narrowed from more than $ 79.3 million in April to just $ 29.7 million in May as tourist trips to Las drove Vegas continued to increase.

In addition, Illinois is once again requiring personal registration for access to mobile betting, which could act as a potential drag in the slower non-soccer months.

The ITUC’s May report also pushed the national grip to over $ 20 billion in the first five months of 2021 – compared to the $ 21.5 billion for 2020 as a whole, which was heavily influenced by the COVID- 19 pandemic was affected. For the second straight month, New Jersey and Illinois were the only two states to hit $ 500 million a month.

Sports betting revenue in Illinois also fell, dropping 16.9% month-over-month to $ 36.2 million. The operator hold was 7.14% in May, nearly a full percentage point below the April hold of 8.12%, which helped operators generate adjusted gross revenue of more than $ 43.6 million. The state received more than $ 5.4 million in tax revenue in May, which was more than $ 31.1 million in the first five months of the year, and Illinois has been on the brink of shedding $ 50 million since the state’s sports betting will accept legal bets in March 2020.

Cook County raised $ 419,670 in taxes from the nearly $ 21 million in AGR on bets placed in the county. The most populous district of Illinois, which includes the city of Chicago, raised nearly $ 2.4 million in tax revenue from sports betting in 2021.

FanDuel increases sales thanks to Parlays

While FanDuel couldn’t stop DraftKings when it came to generating online handle in May, FanDuel accounted for more than half of all online operator revenue for the month, totaling more than $ 19.2 million of nearly $ 155 million -Dollar.

Parlay betting has been a huge draw since its inception in Illinois, and May was no different with a $ 110 million stake. FanDuel made up nearly half of that deal at $ 54.4 million, and the $ 13.4 million revenue the online titan generated from these bets accounted for nearly 70% of its Illinois sales as of May . His parlay hold was a robust 24.67% – well above the total of 18.85% for all online operators in this category.

DraftKings, which topped the state online operator at nearly $ 166.2 million in May, was second in revenue at $ 6.5 million. That was 43% less than April’s more than $ 11.4 million, as DK’s share was just 3.93%. Bettors won nearly $ 1 million more than the $ 46.8 million they put on baseball and golf combined, but parlays helped improve the bottom line in sports betting – DraftKings won more than $ 4 million At nearly $ 32.6 million placed on such bets.

BetRivers became the third online sports betting company to relieve a total of $ 1 billion in Illinois with more than $ 76.7 million in turnover in May, and the 5.6% m / m increase was the largest increase among the state’s six online operators. However, revenue fell sharply as the nearly $ 4.7 million it generated was 34.5% lower than its total of $ 7.1 million in April.

Barstool Sportsbook ousted PointsBet in fourth place, with Penn National Gaming team accepting more than $ 38.4 million in bets, compared to the total value of Australian sports betting of nearly $ 37.6 million. However, bar stool grip slipped 24.6% from April, while PointsBet’s decline was a more modest 6.5%.

PointsBet had nearly $ 2.3 million in revenue than Barstool, compared to Barstool’s nearly $ 1.7 million. Almost half of PointsBet’s sales – just over $ 1 million – came from Parlays, while Barstool generated 40% of its sales in May from parlay betting.

William Hill saw a slight increase from month to month to $ 8.4 million, but the Caesars-powered online sports betting company failed to generate revenue for the second time in three months as bettors combined around $ 200,000 a month upfront ended.

In total, Parlays generated nearly $ 20.6 million in operator revenue, which is 56.8% of the month’s total EGR. Illinois operators generated nearly $ 96.1 million in revenue from Parlays in the first five months of 2021, accounting for 46.3% of the nearly $ 207.5 million in AGR.

A mixed bar stool sports betting effect

Since entering Illinois just before the NCAA tournament in March, Barstool Sportsbook has grossed more than $ 136.2 million. While nationwide online retailing totaled $ 1.6 billion in the past three months has increased less than 2.5% compared to the three months prior to Barstool’s launch, its presence has helped transform the market.

Barstool’s entry seems to have influenced the other Kambi operators DraftKings and BetRivers the most in terms of handling. DraftKings narrowly fended off FanDuel for the top spot, while its market share fell from just over 40% to just over 33% and BetRivers’ market share fell from just under 20% to just over 15%.

At the other end of the totem pole, both PointsBet and William Hill have seen double-digit percentage increases in the handle dollar amount. PointsBet and Barstool have combined about a sixth of all online trades in Illinois over the past three months, while William Hill accounts for less than 2% of all online trades.

Casino Queen top retail sales operator

Though Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, at more than $ 12.2 million in May, accounted for nearly half of Illinois retail business, DraftKings at Casino Queen across the state in East St. Louis took that for $ 579,550 top awards for monthly revenue a strength of 15.05% versus a stake of more than $ 3.8 million.

Rivers ranked second at $ 531,305 as its share was only 4.35%, but it was the first retail sports betting company in the state to top $ 100 million in total.

Argosy Casino in Alton was the only other sports betting company to hit $ 200,000 in revenue in May and hit $ 347,295 on a 12.95% hold versus nearly $ 2.7 million. The two off-track betting sites, the Hawthorne Race Course in Crestwood and Prospect Heights, contributed more than $ 1.5 million to a May trade – more than double the amount of the state’s other racetracks that take bets, FanDuel Sportsbook and Horse Racing which processed $ 673,520 in bets. However, the grip for the track, formerly called Fairmount Park, was 23.4% higher than it was in April.

Hollywood Casino’s two locations in Aurora and Joliet together reported nearly $ 2.6 million, but Aurora bettors made a profit of $ 2,502 from a stake of nearly $ 1.44 million. In total, the state’s 11 retail locations, including Hawthorne’s OTBs, generated nearly $ 1.9 million in revenue from more than $ 24.5 million in wagering.

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