Illinois requests standardized check waiver, however the Biden Administration says exams are required

SPRINGFIELD – Illinois and other states in the country recently urged the federal government to waive federally mandated standardized testing requirements this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But in a letter Released late last month, the Department of Education wrote to the Biden administration that schools must administer the exams even though they will not be held accountable for the results.

In a letter in early FebruaryIllinois State Superintendent Carmen Ayala and Illinois State Board of Education Chairperson Darren Reisburg wrote that “The personal return of students to immediately begin state tests adversely affects their social support goals Environment – emotional well-being, mental health, and reconnection. “They wrote that 77% of the state’s 852 school districts now offer some form of in-person tuition, but data shows that more than a million students are still studying remotely.

In addition to Illinois, California, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey and New York, exemptions for test requirements have also been requested or planned.

U.S. Department of Education Assistant Secretary Ian Rosenblum wrote in a February 22 letter, “Understanding the impact of COVID-19 on learning is urgent.” Instead of allowing states to request test waivers, stressed Rosenblum emphasized the importance of flexibility in managing standardized tests, including offering abbreviated versions of tests, offering tests remotely, and delays testing.

However, Kathi Griffin, president of the Illinois Education Association (IEA), a statewide union, says standardized tests are not intended to assess learning loss or academic progress during a pandemic. The IEA was one of several education-related organizations that supported ISBE’s call for a complete waiver of testing requirements this year.

“So you’re taking the time to teach and study so that you can take a test that doesn’t give you data that you can quickly use to make sure you’re addressing student needs. It’s illogical, in all honesty, ”says Griffin.

She adds that other assessments, including Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), can better assess where students are academic.

“I want to emphasize that we are not against testing,” says Griffin. “The teachers invented tests. What we are up against now is an invalid standardized test that does not provide results in time to help us cope with learning for students. “

She says the focus right now should be on students’ social emotional needs as many parents and guardians have faced financial problems this year, lost jobs, and some even lost loved ones to the virus.

“Our children experienced that. And our kids are now trying to work through that. The idea of ​​being welcome to school and taking the test – our kids don’t need that right now, ”says Griffin.

The Biden government says states can request exemptions that mean schools will not be held accountable for standardized test scores.

Standardized tests prescribed nationwide are usually carried out in the second half of the school year. ISBE has postponed the start of these exams to March 15 and the board of directors says it works with the federal government find a way forward.

Lee Gaines is a reporter for Illinois Public Media.

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