Illinois businessman Gary Rabine is saying candidacy for governor State & Regional

Rabine said he will assemble a team of “the best in business” to develop a recovery plan for Illinois with a goal of creating “50,000 jobs or more” a year by 2024. A reversal of what he says is an exodus of businesses and residents.

Although property taxes are set by local government units, Rabine said he plans to cut property taxes by at least 50% by 2024 as part of his campaign platform.

“We don’t have to be the lowest taxes in the country, we just have to be competitive,” said Rabine.

Rabine said Pritzker, whom he referred to as the “California Trust Fund billionaire,” bought governorship and closed thousands of companies on his COVID-19 executive orders.

When asked by the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday whether he would accept the 2020 presidential election results, Rabine told the newspaper, “I’m not smart enough to understand what the end result was, whether it was stolen or not, and I would never say that. “

His comment was criticized Tuesday by the National Democratic Governors Association and the Illinois Democratic County Chairs’ Association, with both organizations issuing statements condemning the remarks.

Wendi Wallace, the DGA’s deputy executive director, called the comments “dangerous” and said the comment “should exclude him from running for governor”.

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