ICC Approves Electrical Car Charging Tariff in Ameren Illinois

ICC Approves Electric Vehicle Charging Tariff in Ameren Illinois – Daily Energy Insider ICC Approves Electric Vehicle Charging Tariff in Ameren Illinois – Daily Energy Insider

Last week, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) officially approved an electric vehicle charging tariff proposed by Ameren Illinois that gives the company the opportunity to help develop charging station installation and encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.

The program focuses on central and southern Illinois, building the company’s charging infrastructure, and introducing a mix of special time-based delivery service tariffs and other incentives to encourage the expansion of electric vehicles. Ameren Illinois said the former could be of great use to Illinois, which currently has fewer than 60 public charging points. The more stations, the greater the range and performance of electric vehicles.

“A common barrier people identify when considering electric vehicle ownership is a fear of range, a concern that a charging station will not be available during long road trips,” said Richard Mark, chairman and president of Ameren Illinois. “This tariff will help address this problem by offering tariff incentives and additional line extension allowances that improve access to the charging infrastructure at home and on the go.”

Overall, the charging program for electric vehicles consists of six aspects:

  • Single family recharge in residential areas with a special delivery service tariff for recharging at home during off-peak hours.
  • Multi-Family Residential Charging, offers owners who install charging devices in their multi-family systems a special delivery service tariff and an additional line extension allowance. This also includes special allowances for low-income areas.
  • Education Facility Charging, which offers special delivery service tariffs and incentives for electric school bus operators.
  • Transit Facility Charging, with special delivery service tariffs and incentives for customers who operate public electric buses.
  • Corridor Charging, which encourages property owners and third parties to install public fast charging stations in defined areas along traffic corridors.
  • Non-corridor DC fast charge that provides tariff incentives to encourage the installation of public fast charges throughout the Ameren Illinois area.

These new tariff options will be opened to customers in the fall.

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