GB Information introduced in June deadline

GB News A new UK news channel, supported by Discovery, will launch on June 13th.

The network, chaired by former BBC presenter Andrew Neil, will be broadcast live at 8 p.m. local time. A show welcomes the audience to the new service.

GB News has been building employees in a studio in London for a few months now. The channel is a hot topic in the UK that promises to offer an alternative to the BBC and Sky News and enroll journalists like former BBC presenters Simon McCoy and Dan Wootton. Sun.

This channel is broadcast live on Freeview Channel 236. In other words, the TV guide is under RT and Al Jazeera. Other presenters include Neil himself, who hosts his own show, and Alastair Stewart, a former ITV newscaster.

David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery, said last week that GB News will be a key part of the integrated outfit for Discovery and WarnerMedia alongside CNN. He told the media, if you go to Europe we are entertainment, nonfiction and sports guides and have been attacked by the news. I just made a big investment in the UK [in GB News]From the perspective of our direction and our plan, it was to spread across Europe. Because we believe that one of the differentiators is live, news, and live sports. “

GB News announced in June deadline

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