Freeway trash selecting up prices $ 6 million a yr Illinois Information

SPRINGFIELD, IL (AP) – Before you toss trash out of a car window on an Illinois freeway, remember this: Taxpayers pay $ 6 million a year to clean it up.

The Illinois Department of Transportation says disposing of waste properly can create savings in other ways too.

“Garbage is more than just a thorn in the side,” says Transport Minister Omer Osman. “It has a real negative impact on both the environment and our communities.”

The $ 6.1 million IDOT spent last year picking up trash could be paid for replacing 30 miles of road or 40 maintenance trucks that could serve as snow plows.

Trash on the street causes distractions and accidents, and workers who have to pick it up are at risk of injury on busy highways, Osman said. And garbage kills plants and animals.

Osman notes that trash can be fined up to $ 1,500. In addition to other penalties, the perpetrator could be asked to inspect garbage on part of the highway for 30 days.

IDOT officials also said the agency’s Adopt-A-Highway program is back on track after limited activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Volunteer groups can register to adopt and keep clean two mile long stretches of non-interstate roadsides.

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