Flick Reality: How Many Baseballs Are Utilized in an Common MLB Sport? | Native information

Question: The Cubs, Cardinals, and White Sox, along with 27 other teams, are kicking off another baseball season this week, each playing a game that uses a new ball multiple times per inning. How many baseballs are used in the major leagues in just one day?

Reply: Seven to 10 dozen balls are used in an average game, says the MLB. This means that among the 30 teams, around 1,550 balls are used in just one day or around 247,860 balls in one season. The life expectancy of a baseball during a game these days: Often only two pitches, says the MLB. Remember that once a baseball is removed from play, it never returns. (They are passed on to minor league teams.) Cost of an MLB baseball: approximately $ 6. That’s roughly $ 1.5 million per MLB season.

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