Fast Hits: Illinois Information in Temporary for April 6, 2021

Executive director of the state election committee on paid leave after reporting an attempt at extortion

The Illinois State Board of Elections executive director is on administrative leave after reportedly being the target of an attempted extortion program.

The board members agreed in the decision to leave Steve Sandvoss out of caution after reporting the program to the police.

An investigation is still ongoing, but the board said there is no evidence that election data or information has been compromised.

Illinois House hears ethical suggestions, including banning the revolving door for lawmakers

Illinois state lawmakers are considering various measures, some of which say they would cleanse ethics in the state government.

A House committee heard proposals to require more financial statements from elected officials, prohibit lawmakers from becoming lobbyists immediately after leaving, and define what a lobbyist is.

Such measures have not yet progressed.

The only Illinois state in the region that requires a state license to purchase firearms

Illinois is now an island in the region that requires residents to obtain a state-issued license to buy and own a firearm.

Iowa’s governor signed a measure Friday that dropped requirements in that state. All of Illinois’ neighboring states no longer require a state-issued weapon permit.

Thousands of Illinois residents continue to wait for their gun ownership applications to be processed.

Pritzker signs the Chicago Fire Brigade Pension Act

Governor JB Pritzker signed a measure that he believes will provide a path of stability for Chicago fire service pensions.

Pritzker said to meet the increased obligations he is working to sell the James R. Thompson Center and return it to the city’s property tax list, with a potential $ 45 million per year impact for the city.

Republican MP Tom Demmer criticized the announcement, saying it would make property tax hikes inevitable.

Mobile vaccination teams travel to rural Illinois

Illinois public health officials will be traveling with mobile vaccination teams in six rural counties this week.

The Pritzker administration said they can administer more than 8,000 with Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose vaccine.

You will be in Kankakee County at 2,100 and Vermillion County at 1,000 on Tuesday. Appointment sites are or

COVID-19 metrics continue to grow

In the last daily report, 2,100 new positive COVID-19 cases were reported.

Governor JB Pritzker warned of increasing hospital stays on Monday and expressed concern about COVID-19 variants. Since pursuing such cases from early February, state officials have reported around 500 cases of variants.

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