Fast Hits: Illinois Information Coming Quickly for Tuesday, March 30, 2021 | Illinois

More than a third of Illinois’ small businesses have closed

More than a third of small businesses in Illinois have had COVID-19 restrictions in place for a full year.

These restrictions, the governor said, are intended to slow the spread of the virus to this day.

The Illinois Policy Institute analyzed Data from Harvard University, which showed 35% of small businesses are closed compared to pre-pandemic levels, more than any other Midwestern state except Michigan.

GOP offers new card

With a greater redistribution of Senate hearings and planned hearings in the House of Representatives, the Republican minority in the Illinois State House has announced details of legislation to create an independent commission.

The GOP leaders, dubbed the People’s Independent Maps Act, say they would set up a commission appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to draw maps for the 2022 election cycle.

Former aide indicted

An aide to the late former Senator Martin Sandoval and City Councilor Edward Burke was accused of misleading the FBI amid an extensive corruption investigation. The Chicago Tribune reports that Rudy Acosta was accused Monday of deceiving the FBI of criminal activity. If convicted, a prison sentence of five years could be imposed.

23 public participation hearings in the relocation process

Illinois House has announced hearings to get public contributions on redistribution.

If you want to participate, you can find out more at

The hearings begin Thursday with a focus on Chicago. The subsequent hearings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will focus on other parts of the state.

In total, the House will hold 23 public hearings by April 17th.

The status lags behind the COVID-19 metric governor set for another reopening

Five deaths and 1,700 new positive cases were reported in the last nationwide 24-hour COVID-19 report.

With 69 percent of vaccinated older residents, the state is on the verge of hitting the vaccination rate of 70 percent. However, due to the upward trend in hospital data, the Pritzker government says the state has not yet met the conditions to move on to the next phase of the governor’s reopening plan.

The court hears the contestation of Pritzker’s emergency powers

The case challenging the governor’s order to shut down restaurants to slow the spread of COVID-19 is practically negotiated in Sangamon County today.

Attorneys at the FoxFire restaurant in Geneva received discovery documents on the case, but the Pritzker administration moved the case to be dismissed.

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