Fast Hit: Illinois Information Coming Quickly for Wednesday, Might 26, 2021 | information

Another hearing on legislative cards

Another series of hearings is scheduled starting at 4 p.m. today to review the proposed cards that Democratic lawmakers revealed on Friday night.

Senators and State Representatives will hold a joint hearing this afternoon in Springfield and online to seek more input on the draft cards released by the Democrats.

On Tuesday lawmakers heard calls for the data used to draft the lines to be released. Democrats said they will release all of the data when the final draft is released.

Democrats publish proposed Supreme Court maps

Just days after new legislative cards were released, the Illinois Democrats are proposing new districts to the Supreme Court.

The current Supreme Court maps were drawn in 1963 and have not been updated since. Democrats say the district redesign was necessary to equalize the population in them.

Critics say the new card follows a Democratic Supreme Court that was lost last year.

The recovery in Illinois is lagging behind the nation

Illinois is a year after its lowest point in terms of job loss and is recovering more slowly than all but a handful of states.

A new analysis of federal employment data by the Illinois Policy Institute shows that Illinois has created 408,400 jobs (+ 7.7%) since April 2020, representing 7.7% of the jobs lost since then.

The only states that added a lower percentage of jobs were Nebraska (+ 7.5%), Louisiana (+ 7.5%), Iowa (+ 7.4%), Oklahoma (+ 5.9%), Wyoming (+ 4.7%) and New Mexico (+ 4.2%)%), the report said.

A slight decrease in COVID-19 cases in Illinois.

The Illinois Department of Health reported 808 new confirmed and probable cases of the coronavirus on Tuesday, including 17 more deaths.

65 percent of adults have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to the CDC.

House passes cannabis law targeting diversity

The Illinois House passed laws designed to give minority business owners a better chance to get into the cannabis industry.

If the Senate and Governor approve the plan, the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation would relax the requirements for veteran owners to get a perfect score on their license application.

IDOC is looking for refugees

A 76-year-old man released from an Illinois prison after serving in prison in 1972 for the murder of a teenager is considered a refugee by the Illinois Department of Justice.

Ray Larsen, who was paroled earlier this month, was due to settle on the South Side of Chicago.

The department lists Larsen as a “Absconder,” which means probation officers don’t know where he is.

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