COVID-19 Metrics Up In Illinois, Native Areas

Some COVID-19 metrics are on the up in Illinois, with the state’s new daily cases of COVID-19 hitting the highest number since early February today.

The Illinois Department of Health reported 3,526 new cases. This is the highest daily report of new cases since February 5, when 3,660 cases were reported. The IDPH also reported 25 more deaths today.

COVID-19 patients in hospitals

Data for Illinois hospital patients with COVID-19, courtesy of IDPH

Nationwide, hospital admissions for COVID-19 patients are also showing an upward trend. The IDPH reports 1,411 hospitalized patients with COVID-19 in the state for March 31, the last recorded date. A week earlier, on March 24th, that number was 1,251.

In both Region 7, which includes Will and Kankakee counties, and Region 8, which includes DuPage and Kane counties, hospital stays have also increased over the past week.

On March 24, Region 7 had a 7-day moving average of 47 hospitalized COVID-19 patients, as opposed to the last reading on March 31, which shows 64.

Region 8 had an average of 103 patients as of March 24, up to 118 currently when it was last reported.

Edward Hospital in Naperville is currently treating 18 inpatients with confirmed COVID-19 patients after dropping to a current low of seven on March 23.

Local positivity rates are increasing

The positivity rates for both regions have also increased over the past week. On March 22nd, the 7-day moving average for Region 7 was 3.4%, compared to the previous value of 4.3% on March 29th.

For region 8, the average positivity rates increased from 4.3% to 5.6% in the same period.

Bridge phase delay

This kind of uptrend caused the state to delay the transition to the “bridge phase”. This phase should start in mid-April, but will now be interrupted until at least May.

As soon as the state enters this phase, the internal and external capacity limits increase. The state has reached the vaccination level to reach the bridging phase, with more than 70% of residents aged 65 and over having received at least one dose of vaccine. However, in a press release on Wednesday, the state health department said, “The number of people being admitted to the Illinois hospital because of COVID-19 continues to increase. As long as hospital admissions continue to grow, the state will not move on to the bridging phase and on to phase 5 of the Illinois recovery plan. The number of cases of COVID-19 has also increased. “

Vaccination efforts

The state has stepped up efforts to vaccinate more residents and recently opened new mass vaccination clinics in several counties. Currently, 17.30% of Illinois residents are fully vaccinated.

In DuPage County, 18.20% of the population was fully vaccinated; in Will County, 14.56%.

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