Corpse of an Illinois man present in a fuel tanker being pulled by a truck

The body of a southern Illinois man was found in a tanker truck filled with gasoline after two truck drivers noticed the fuel was not flowing smoothly as it was being unloaded, police said.

Drivers were trying to unload the tanker at an Iroquois County gas terminal on Friday when they found the body after opening it to see why the fuel was not flowing smoothly, Coroner Bill Cheatum told.


The drivers said they had had trouble unloading gasoline from the tanker for a few days and had no idea how the body ended up in it, Cheatum told WCIA-TV.

Illinois police identified the body as Garrett Mayer, 29, of Nashville, Illinois, WICS-TV reported.

An autopsy was performed at the Champaign County’s Coroner’s Office on Saturday and toxicological results are pending. The Iroquois County Sheriff’s Office is investigating Mayer’s death.

The body was found when the tanker truck stopped at the gas transfer hub near the small village of Buckley, about 30 miles northeast of Champaign.


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