China Science and Know-how Information Abstract – Could 25th

Beijing, May 25th (Xinhua) – The following is a summary of science and technology news published in China.

Identification of old books

The Artificial Intelligence Project is designed to identify ancient Chinese books abroad.

The project identified a 200,000 page ancient Chinese book with 30,000 characters and an accuracy of 97.5%.

It took Sichuan University, the University of California, Berkeley, and Alibaba’s DAMO Academy to complete the project.

National Science and Technology Week

China’s National Science and Technology Week, which began on May 22nd, proved to be a fascinating way to avoid national technological innovation.

The event gives visitors a glimpse into the illustrious history of independent science and technology development in the country and the dramatic changes it has made in people’s lives.

World Intelligence Congress

The 5th World Information Conference, a major artificial intelligence (AI) event, ended on Sunday in Tianjin, north China.

The four-day event, titled “A New Era of Intelligence: Foster New Developments, Foster New Patterns,” attended more than 240 AI companies and institutions and brought cutting-edge AI technologies and applications. It was.

China Science and Technology News Summary – May 25th

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