Chicago Fireplace Division rescues Parrot from fringe of Illinois Information workplace constructing

CHICAGO (AP) – The Chicago Fire Department didn’t have to lift a ladder to rescue a cat from a tree over the weekend, but firefighters grabbed a pole to snag a parrot from a ledge in the office building.

A firefighters returned from a rescue run Sunday when they were stopped by the bird’s owner to retrieve a macaw from a ledge on the second floor of the Railway Exchange Building.

The bird was apparently with someone who, according to city officials, had taken him to a protest rally on Sunday. The rally was not described, but thousands of people gathered on Michigan Avenue near the building, waving Palestinian flags and calling for an end to bloodshed and “ethnic cleansing” in the Middle East.

Fire department spokesman Larry Merritt said the person asked for a ladder and a crew member instead used a pole to retrieve the brightly colored bird.

In a video of the rescue, viewers began to cheer as the bird stepped on the perch and was slowly lowered to street level from a window on the second floor.

The bird was returned to its owner after it was rescued, Merritt said.

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