A pandemic garments cleansing is ongoing as regular life resumes within the US | Information – State & Regional – Illinois

She is looking for some “glitz and glam” as her zoom life is about to end and physical encounters have begun.

Consumers do more than just clean their pandemic worn clothing.

On luxury resale site TheRealReal, which has more than 22 million members, the total value of used goods sold this year through May was approximately $ 239 million, 53 percent more than the same period in 2019, according to a company report.

Some are taking the opportunity to reinvent their personal style, said Jessica Richards, a trend researcher and fashion director for the Accessoires Council, a nonprofit retail group.

“We have seen many consumers give up their thoughtless shopping habits and focus on investing instead. Less of their pandemic wardrobes “sick”, but more wondering why they own so much or how wide their closet is, ”she said. “Now it is a matter of rationalizing and determining the desired personal style.”

However, not everyone wants to give up their COVID style.

In Lynchburg, Virginia, 33-year-old Cameron Howe is ready to burn almost anything she wore during the pandemic – except for her impressive leggings collection – when she turns from a school career.

“I bought 15 to 20 plus pairs of leggings,” she said. “In a couple of weeks I’ll start a new career as a project manager with a local non-profit organization. I plan to wear leggings to work. Fortunately, both my previous and new employers are legging-friendly. I don’t want to wear real pants again. I developed an absolute love for leggings during the pandemic. “

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