A number of Illinois soccer gamers enter the NCAA switch portal | College sports activities

Jones, Cumby, Frenchie, Griffin and Riggins each have four years of eligibility, while the transfer group’s oldest, Shipton, has two years of eligibility.

Shipton also shared his decision on Twitter on Tuesday and received an offer from Montana State the same day.

It was a blessing💯💯 pic.twitter.com/pcwAKhbOAT

– $ HIPPIE The p☔️ (@AnthonyShipton) June 29, 2021

“To all of my coaches and team-mates, thank you! I appreciate all the opportunities I’ve been given as a Fighting Illinois,” Shipton tweeted. “To be able to wear the blue and orange was a real blessing. This school will forever have a place in my heart. With this in mind, I will enter my name on the transfer portal.

Another player, the Redshirt newcomer offensive lineman Kevin Tyler, also left Illinois after spring training, according to Werner. Whether or not Tyler entered the transfer portal remains unclear.

Leaving players aside, Illinois has changed positions for several athletes since last season, led by Redshirt novice Isaiah Williams moving from quarterback to wide receiver.

One of the most recent switches comes from Coran Taylor in his sophomore year. He moved from quarterback to defensive back, a change posted on the Illinois athletics website on Tuesday.

Taylor’s most notable performance under the middle was last year in a 31:24 home loss to Purdue. He completed 17 of 29 passes for 273 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions and recorded 17 carries for 32 yards with two fumbles.

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