A college in Illinois closed after a bunch of idiots in a bar bought COVID

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The indoor bar triggers the COVID-19 outbreak and the closure of the local school

After a group of maskless people packed a bar in rural Illinois in February 2021, 46 people landed on COVID and the community had to close a school. Imagine having a beer inside so badly that you cause a COVID outbreak and the reason for this is that a bunch of kids couldn’t go to school. Though I can’t say it’s not the most American thing that has ever happened right up there with “Mask Holes”, “Karens” and “the QAnon Shaman”.

The CDC reports that an Illinois bar was holding an “opening event” in early February, and while they don’t know how many people were in attendance, the bar had a maximum capacity of 100 people, no airflow, and allegedly very little mask compliance in it Night.

That night was later linked to 46 COVID-19 infections and it was found that four people went to the bar that evening with COVID-19 symptoms. Of those 46 outbreak infections, 26 were patrons and three staff members attending the opening event and the 17 other people infected with secondary cases, including someone in a long-term hospitalization facility, physical education students at the local school, and families with Children. Which leads us to close the school.

BARS ==> OUTBREAKS. More than 600 students in a rural Illinois county were affected when an outbreak of # COVID19 forced their school to close earlier this year. The CDC is now saying that a poorly ventilated bar opening event is to blame.

Damn it, it’s people from the air

– Eric Feigl-Ding (@DrEricDing) April 6, 2021

“The broadcast related to the opening event resulted in a school closure affecting 650 children (9,100 lost school days),” the CDC report said.

The school closed for two weeks because 13 school employees were “isolated, quarantined or absent because their own child was quarantined”. In other words, what a bloody mess.

Mind you, this is a state that has decided that it is absolutely fine to open schools during a pandemic so they can close the school again – that means that bar-related outbreak was actually very, very bad. Alex, I’ll take “dumbest reasons to close a school” for 500, please. The CDC also concluded that it is very likely that the outbreak was actually much larger than its results suggest, as not all asymptomatic people would have been tested.

We posted a CDC report on this Facebook page today of a COVID-19 outbreak that took place at a bar opening event in central Illinois in February. Local health officials have confirmed the outbreak occurred in Douglas County. #WCIA https://t.co/voE0N3zTwZ

– WCIA.com (@ WCIA3) April 6, 2021

The kicker of this whole thing is that the CDC had to put out this fancy press release and get their scientists to track the outbreak just to remind us of what half the country has known all along and they are “local gatherings , in which masks are worn and no physical distancing is known to increase the spread of COVID-19. “Yeah, no shit, Sherlock. I don’t work for the CDC and I could have told you that a lot of people got COVID-19 at the INDOOR BAR where no one was wearing masks. Dah doi.

“The report does not name the bar or its location.”

I live in Illinois: pic.twitter.com/jnHTry4ys0

– Pixie Pie (@Pixiesnix) April 5, 2021

We’ve been around for more than a year now. Please wear a mask so we can actually end this pandemic and go to bars without triggering COVID-19 outbreaks and forcing schools to close again. Doesn’t seem like a big question.

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